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We can provide establishment services from the initial planting of the trees right through to the maintenance required to insure the crop gets the best possible start.  We have experience of all types of planting from small projects of a few acres, such as shelterbelts, creating habitats for wildlife to re-stocking of large commercial plantations and everything in between.

We offer;

  • Planting both broadleaves and conifers, unsheltered or sheltered for a variety of applications 

  • Maintenance tasks such as pest control, weed control, fertilising and pruning

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Kilmaha offer a full range of services from hand weeding to site clearance.  We specialise in low impact solutions for ground clearance, tailored especially for sensitive sites such as SSSI's and sites where large machinery may not be economical or safe to use such as sloping ground.  We have invested in radio-controlled flails which are extremely manoeuvrable and light - ideal equipment for sites where a careful approach is paramount.

No site is ever perfect (or flat!) and we have the knowledge, experience and equipment in tackling difficult terrains.

We offer;

  • Scrub clearance

  • Tree clearance

  • Vegetation management; rides & paths, deer lawns, amenity spaces etc

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Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of habitat management from full restoration of woodlands, grasslands and the like to on going maintenance of existing sites.  We have the knowledge to work with the constraints posed by legislation protecting wildlife and the specific demands of a particular site.

We offer;

  • woodland restoration & maintenance

  • grassland restoration & maintenance

  • mitigation solutions


Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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