Radio-controlled Flail

Our radio-controlled flail is designed for challenging terrains such as steep ground and inaccessible areas where larger machinery cannot go.  With a total weight of 1500kgs and low ground pressure tracks it is the ultimate in low-impact solutions - ideal for sensitive areas such as SSSI's.  The tracks are extendable meaning the flail has the ability to transverse slopes up to 55 degrees.  Traditional operator-on-board machines can potentially put operators at risk, especially on slopes - wireless radio-control keeps the operator at a safe distance without compromising machine capability.

Our flail is equipped with a swinging hammer flail head.  It is capable of cutting vegetation up to 3" (7.5cm) thick while leaving a very tidy finish.  Possible applications are:

  • Forests

  • Hilly areas

  • Banks & ditches

  • Highways

  • Parkland & amenity sites

  • Industrial sites

  • Development sites

  • Sports facilities

  • Military land